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  1. All persons on the premises shall be bound by standards of reasonable conduct and shall conduct themselves in a manner, which will not disturb or interfere with the rights, comfort and quiet enjoyment of others.


  1. The playing of radios, televisions, stereos, musical instruments, etc., must not cause a nuisance to the occupants, regardless of the hour of the day.


  1. Dogs, cats or other domestic pets are not permitted.  This is not intended to apply to caged birds or to aquarium fish.  There shall be no feeding of wild birds or stray animals.


  1. Use of portable gas, charcoal and/or electric barbecues, hibachis or similar cooking devices are prohibited, except at the barbecue area which has been provided for your enjoyment.


  1. There shall be no alterations to the exterior of the building without prior written consent of the Board of Directors.


  1. Every unit shall, at all times, be kept clean and sanitary.  In accordance with County Ordinance, pest control spraying is mandatory.  All units will be available for pest control spraying when asked for by the management.


  1. All apartments of the project shall be used only for residential purposes and no Owner, Occupant or Tenant shall use an apartment for the carrying-on for any trade or business what so ever.




  1. Lanais and balconies shall be furnished appropriately and kept in an orderly manner.  Clothing, towels, swimsuits, laundry and other items shall not be hung, displayed, or placed on the lanais or balcony railing in such a manner as to detract from the appearance of the property.


  1. Lanais shall be furnished only with appropriate lanai furniture and maintained in a neat and orderly manner.  No change in wall color will be permitted.


  1. Lockers or storage enclosures are not permitted on lanais.  Storing of surfboards, boxes, clothing, skateboards and all such items must be inside the unit.  Bikes and mopeds must be parked in designated parking areas on the property.  Lanais shall not be used for long-term storage of any items.












  1. The original project documents provide for one and only one stall, which, has been assigned for each unit.


  1. Bicycles must be parked only in areas approved by the Resident Manager.


  1. Any parking other than in a unit-designated area must be approved by the Resident Manager acting on instructions from the Board of Directors.


  1. There shall be no personal property stored in common areas.




All persons shall comply with the request of the Resident Manager respecting matters of personal conduct in and around the pool area.


All children who do not swim must at all times be accompanied by an adult.


All personal items shall be removed from the pool and/or garden area when leaving said areas for the day.




  1. Any House Rule violation shall be reported to the Resident Manager who will then report to the Board of Directors in writing, with a decision rendered by the Board as to the existence of the violation to be made within 30 days of receipt of written report.


  1. Penalties for violation of House Rules:


                  1st Violation                 Warning

                  2nd Violation                $50 Fine

                  3rd Violation                 $100 Fine

                  4th Violation                 Eviction notice to Tenant or referred to any                                                                             attorney.  Costs of eviction of Tenant and continued                                                               fines, if any, to be absorbed by the Owner.


  1. Any Owner shall have an additional 30 days from the date of decision by the Board of Directors to request further consideration prior to the institution of any warning or fine.


  1. Grievances can be brought before the Board by Owners.  Tenants and Agents may appeal in writing to the Board.  All fines shall be levied against the Owner and not the Tenant.


  1. The foregoing House Rules are adopted as amended House Rules for Hoyochi Nikko as of January 21, 1994 by a vote of a majority of the Board of Directors.

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